Afsnit P is a Danish virtual exhibition space for visual poetry and intermedia art. The website is mainly kept in Danish, although with several English, international, and purely visual projects.

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Oskar Ponnert: Project 8
Photographic slideshow animations by Swedish poet, photographer, and designer, Oskar Ponnert. Project 8 was released on 8/8/08... >>

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archives zarorum
archives zaroum is a new digital work by the Finland-Swedish poet and artist Cia Rinne. archives zaroum is an archive consisting of 29 animated and interactive visual poems. The project is a reworking of Rinne’s collection of visual and concrete poetry zaroum, published in 2001. >>


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2007 >



Garageography 3.0.7
Garageography 3.0.7 is a virtual garage installation by the artist and photographer Lewis Koch. The exhibition translates a project in Koch's private garage in Madison, Wisconsin (USA) to the Internet. Using Tristan Tzara's text When Things Dream as its basis, it presents a text-based cabinet of curiosities: Hand-stamped leaves, bumperstickers, found objects, photographs, animation and video. Hidden in the digressive layers are segments from the two earlier garage projects. >>


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2006 >



The Prime Directive
A new digital poetic work by Swedish poet and artist Johannes Heldén. The Prime Directive is Johannes Heldén's largest online piece, uniting his talents within literature, sound art, and drawing. It is released simultaneously in a Swedish and an English version. >>


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Public parking basement for the letter P. Park your P! >>

2003 >



By StadtFlur - a laundrette project in photographs and (Danish) text. >>

2002 >



Vigilance Propreté
A photographic series by Christian Yde Frostholm, shot in Paris after September 11, 2001. 49 clear green bin bags, with the two words VIGILANCE (attention, caution) and PROPRETÉ (cleanliness, cleaning) in large, black lettering. >>


1999-2001 >




Dialogue with Douglas Davis
and Color Trip by Andreas Brøgger.

John Maeda's World, Today is Close, London calling... What is history?, and In a blink of an eye by Marianne Lumholdt.

Transit, Glasgow Briefing part 1 and part 2 by Tatiana Maria Lund.

World Wall by David Bellingham and Tatiana Maria Lund.


2001 >



Streets - the city is writing
Project featuring Mark Bedford & Marianne Lumholdt (London), Claus Handberg Christensen (Bangkok), Kirse Junge-Stevnsborg (Beijing), Klavs Bondebjerg (Nizwa & Muscat), Tatiana Maria Lund (Akureyri), Christian Yde Frostholm (Paris), and Andreas Brøgger (New York & Cyberspace). >>


2001 >

silhouette grid contour


Silhouette Grid Contour
An exhibition by the French artist Franck Mouteault presenting three new series of interactive drawings created in Denmark in March 2001. >>

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2000-2001 >



ON OFF v. 3.0
is the final update to the exhibition project featuring new international net art online and in print, organized by Afsnit P and the print magazine Hvedekorn. ON OFF v. 1.0 was released in December 2000, featuring projects by Mark Napier and Entropy8Zuper, and texts about net art by leading curators, artists, and art historians. For v. 2.0 web artist Isabel Chang created the project CUT2 Version 3.0 features a new project by Jonah Brucker-Cohen. >>

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2000 >

Copenhagen Sections


Copenhagen Sections
A web exhibition - made in Denmark - by David Bellingham, Glasgow, along with an introduction to the artist. >>

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2000 >

hvad er visuel poesi


What is Visual Poetry?

Visual Poetry by Mark Bedford.

Lommelygte i mørkekammer (Torch in Darkroom) by Steen Møller Rasmussen.

Manuel morsemaskine (Manual Morse Machine) by Jesper Søholm.

(Untitled) by Michael Jensen.

Color-Scala by Jesper Fabricius.


2000 >

gode intentioner


Good Intentions
Common computer drawings by the visual artists Jasper Sebastian Stürup and Kristofer Hultenberg. >>


more Afsnit P in English - or (almost) without a word

Soldatmarkedet by Monica Aasprong

Santorini Sign Language, and Let's Enjoy... Japanese Characters - two photographic series from Greece and Japan by Christian Yde Frostholm

Geist by Claus Handberg Christensen and Kristofer Hultenberg

eroderet /.../lodret vekslende /.../68 by Jonas Olesen

BAM by Thomas Seest

Schaulust! (uddrag) (Schaulust! (excerpts)) - Polaroid photographs from Lisbon by Frank Sebastian Hansen

Afdelingen for det, man dårligt skænker et blik (The Department of the Barely Noticed) - Photographs from South Tunesia by Klavs Bondebjerg.

Bøgernes borg (The Book Castle) - Photographs by Claus Handberg Christensen from Frederiksberg Antikvariat, a notorious second hand bookshop before and after its recent renovation (Danish text by Carsten Norton Pedersen).

Landskaber omkring digtet Kompas (Landscapes Around the Poem Compas) - Danish poetry, but also a geography of words, images, sound and graphic design by Morten Søndergaard, Christian Leifelt and Christian Yde Frostholm.

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