v. 3.0

ON OFF version 3.0 features a new project by Jonah Brucker-Cohen online here at afsnitp.dk and in the printed magazine Hvedekorn, both based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Brucker-Cohen's project consists of a number of pages Hvedekorn which have to be folded in a certain way for the project to appear correctly in the magazine. Among other things, Hvedekorn features a Mad Magazine-style centerfold which provides a link to the online part of Brucker-Cohen's project, as well as an explanatory map.

Brucker-Cohen's "interactive" print pages could be considered a magazine version of Brucker-Cohen's many experiments with "physical web interfaces", such as his Crank the Web (2001), a crank-driven internet connection, which recently won the International Browser Day first prize, Live Window (2001), which registers shocks in the physical surroundings, and many more.

The online part of Brucker-Cohen's project for ON OFF is the continuation of a love story that Brucker-Cohen indicates in Hvedekorn. It is a narrative, retro-computer game style, and so Brucker-Cohen in some respects takes up the link from ON OFF version 2, where Isabel Chang similarly toyed with concepts like the complexities of love in a modern world and the simplistic nostalgia of playing. For an analysis of this, please see the text Art in a Culture of Cut-Copy-and-Paste here at ON OFF.

Jonah Brucker-Cohen has recently completed a research position in Interactive Telecommunications at New York University. His projects have been exhibited at SIGGRAPH, and various other exhibitions around the world. In September 2001, Brucker-Cohen accepts a new research fellow position at Media Lab in Dublin, Ireland.

Jonah Brucker-Cohen's website is Coin-operated.com.


v. 2.0

Wednesday April 11 is the release date of ON OFF v. 2.0 - an UPDATE to an exhibition project featuring new international net art online and in print.

ON OFF is organized by afsnitp.dk and the print magazine Hvedekorn, both based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

ON OFF is fully compatible with an English speaking audience.

ON OFF v. 1.0 was released in December 2000, featuring projects by Mark Napier and Entropy8Zuper!, and texts about net art by leading curators, artists, and art historians.

For ON OFF v. 2.0 New York based web artist Isabel Chang has created the project CUT2.

The project consists of two cut-out paper dolls in Hvedekorn and a Flash-project online featuring the stories of the two dolls, and avantgarde costumes for you to download, print, and play with.

The costumes were commissioned from independent stylist Kate Ruth by Isabel Chang.

Besides Isabel Chang's project ON OFF v. 2.0 features a text by Hvedekorn editor Andreas Brøgger, entitled Art in a Culture of Cut-Copy-and-Paste. The text provides an introduction to Isabel Chang's works and positions net art in relation to fashion, design, computer games, looking at the Internet as an ambiguous niche-and-mass-medium.

ON OFF v. 2.0 also presents an upgraded list of links adding the category "art/fashion/design/games".


v. 1.0

Friday December 15 is the opening date of ON OFF, a presentation of new international net art online and in print.

ON OFF is a cooperation between afsnitp.dk and the print magazine Hvedekorn, both based in Copenhagen, Denmark. ON OFF is fully compatible with an English speaking audience.

The exhibition can be viewed at afsnitp.dk and www.hvedekorn.dk.

The exhibition features new art projects and theoretical texts by leading artists, curators and art historians.

The idea behind ON OFF is that a series of artists' projects gain a tangible dimension in the magazine Hvedekorn, and at the same time extend or teleport the magazine's usual art pages to the Internet. The first participating artists are the American Mark Napier and the Belgian-American duo Entropy8Zuper!, none of which have previously worked on a combined print and online art project, and none of which have previously shown their work in a Danish context.

Mark Napier's domain-transgressing projects Shredder and RIOT have made him one of the most well-known net artists. For ON OFF Napier has chosen to focus on the printed project, which deals with real and virtual "packaging" of content (such as the "packaging" of a magazine page). In addition to his project for Hvedekorn #3/2000, which was published in late September, the ON OFF website features a large interview with Napier called "The Aesthetics of Programming".

Not so long ago, the American Auriea Harvey and the Belgian Michaël Samyn combined their respective web sites to form Entropy8Zuper!, and in 2000 they received the San Francisco MoMA's Webby Award, the world's biggest for net art. For ON OFF they have created a unique portal and search engine inspired by computer games and a mythology of the four elements. The project is entitled sixteenpages.net, indicating that Entropy8Zuper! have chosen to remove 16 pages from Hvedekorn #4/2000, creating them online instead of in print.

ON OFF is split up into several versions. The first version, released now, focuses on "Colonizing the Web", the first explorers of the net, in ON OFF's text section. Hvedekorn and afsnitp.dk have collected and comissioned theoretical articles on net art by international curators, art historians and artists: What is net art? How should we relate to this new genre? How should it be exhibited and preserved?

Accompanying the art projects and the text section is a links section which will also be refreshed with the release of each new version of ON OFF.

ON OFF is curated by Andreas Brøgger, art editor of Hvedekorn and an editor at afsnitp.dk in collaboration with Peter Eriksen, an editor at afsnitp.dk and writer on visual art.


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