The attached graphic, Inaugural memento mori, was inspired by which arose after our recent presidential election. The site posted images and sentiments of dismayed people in the US and around the world, all trying to comprehend the enormity of the present situation and the consequences the next four years may have for the planet. As the good people at SorryEverybody explain on their site, "Apologizing conveys a message that desperately needs sending, and it's this rare thing that Americans need to do more often: an act of participation in our luxurious citizenship. We've done our best to declare that America doesn't equal Bush; now it's time to prove that true."

Lewis Koch
Madison, Wisconsin, USA
Inauguration Day, 20/01/05

(The background image in Memento Mori was made flying into New York City, from the air, ten days after 9/11. On a related note, a brief photographic sequence on the nine-elevenization of the empire may be seen at

skriv til Afsnit P | 21/1/05